Riverbend produces the LiveRoof® Hybrid modular system for North Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, as well as parts of New Jersey, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Over 34 years of experience as a perennial plant supplier has provided us the expertise it takes to create beautiful, specialized green roof projects.

Green roofs aren’t one size fits all. That’s why our experienced local representatives evaluate, recommend and grow vegetated roof systems and plants based on the specific site conditions of your green roof project.

Riverbend GreenRoofs


Coming from several different industries originally, the Riverbend Greenroofs team is focused on the needs of our clients and how each individual project is different. With decades of combined experience, we make sure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible from design through installation.

Michele Deery, GRP
Regional Sales Manager

Michele Deery is the Regional Sales Manager for Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Michele engages with customers to provide expertise and direction on product choices that best fit each unique project. Michele has an Associates Degree in Environmental Technology, a Bachelors Degree in Landscape Architecture, and a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture with a focus in Ecological Restoration from Temple University. She can be reached at 610.787.2710.

Michael Gagne
Estimator|Project Manager

Michael is a Project Manager and Estimator. Coming from a career in structural engineering, he offers a streamlined and structured approach to company operations as well as real world project scheduling, planning, and application. He is excited to bring his set of talents and knowledge base to improve every aspect of the company/client relationship and to make your experience with Riverbend the best it possibly can be. He holds Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in Civil Engineering (Structural) from Morgan State University and Applied Mathematics from Bowie State University. He can be reached at 443.833.4052.


Logan Richard, GRP
Maintenance Division Manager

Logan is the Maintenance & Design Specialist for the Northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland region. He is a horticulturist who works with clients to properly maintain their landscapes, green roofs, and plant material. He has worked in various positions in the green industry throughout his career, bringing experience in every aspect of the horticulture business with him. He holds two degrees in horticulture and a third in business management from the Pennsylvania College of Technology. He can be reached at 540.250.1153.

Steve Ronyak
CEO of Riverbend Greenroofs and Riverbend Nursery

Steve is the CEO of Riverbend Green Roofs and Riverbend Nursery. He brings over 20 years of experience in Horticultural/Agricultural growing, operations, research, and sales to the team. His focus is on fostering partnerships with our customers and vendors, strategic planning, and business development. When he’s not at work you will find him enjoying the outdoors hiking, fishing, or gardening.


Our LiveRoof® Production and Delivery team helps ensure that every LiveRoof® module is delivered with healthy vegetation and a robust root system. The growing team helps harden plants into tough, roof top worthy perennials that are ready to tackle whatever weather or climate conditions may be presented to them.

Mike Arden
Farm Manager-Childress Farm

Mike is our manager of the Childress Farm. He manages the growth, production, and pulling of the LiveRoof modules.

Isaac Brantingham
Nursery Head Grower

Isaac is the Head Grower for the nursery. He oversees the day-to-day growing and production for the nursery, and assists with the LiveRoof modules. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Horticulture.

Monika Mattson
Production Scheduler

Monika is our production scheduler for Riverbend Nursery and Greenroofs. She works closely with our Project Manager and maintains the production timeline of each Greenroof project. She produces the individual schedules needed throughout the creation of each unique Greenroof design.

Macrina Royal
Purchasing Coordinator

Macrina is the purchasing coordinator for the nursery, which includes all of the plant needs for LiveRoof projects. She receives the plant lists for green roofs as they are ordered and coordinates with our Production Scheduler to ensure our modules follow specs and are ready for shipment.

Eric Sanders
Distribution Manager

Eric is responsible for managing all transportation of goods from the production site to the client.