Why care for your green roof?

Green Roofs can be a very large initial investment, so taking proper care of them is essential. Without the proper care and attention, you can expect a Green Roof to be taken over by invasive plant species, which will result in the reduction of:

  • Aesthetics
  • Extension of Waterproofing Life Expectancy
  • Stormwater Management
  • Noise Reduction
  • Habitat for Wildlife
  • Reduction of Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Energy Savings Cost
  • **Without a maintenance program in place for your Green Roof, your Waterproofing Manufacturer Guarantee could become invalid.**

Making the investment to install a green roof supports environmentally sustainable efforts to reduce storm water impact as a result of building construction. Deciding to protect that investment by engaging the services of an experienced, qualified Green Roof Maintenance Contractor is a responsible choice and helps to ensure that your roof will be beautiful for years to come.


What we do

We create customized maintenance programs for each Green Roof that we survey and tailor each visit according to the specific requirements of that site. All maintenance is carried out per a pre-defined schedule by our fully qualified employees. Our care programs consist of:

  • Hand removal of all invasive species
  • Mowing/pruning of plant material if required
  • Clearing of gravel margins
  • Fertilization of plant material using appropriate fertilizer products
  • Inspection of visible roofing components and drains
  • Replacement of any areas of dead or dying plant material (Separate cost proposal as needed)

We can also provide and install fully automated irrigation systems catering to Green Roofs of all sizes. During the last visit prior to the onset of winter, the roof and any irrigation components are winterized, and all debris removed. Hand watering services are also available by request.

A report for each visit with photographs is provided to the client in a timely fashion.