Our plant catalog is comprised of plants that are climate specific for the Mid-Atlantic.  We correspond with LiveRoof corporate to hand pick unique and beautiful plants that are RoofTop Proven, meaning we have bred and tested these plants for rooftop conditions.We will work with you to choose plant assortments that will be beautiful and colorful year round, require minimal maintenance, and are sustainable.

Starting Spring 2021, Riverbend Greenroofs will carry a line of native plugs grown in-house.  We plan to carry these chosen native perennials and grasses because they are a proven plant in our region.  With proper care, they will be low maintenance, add habitat for local wildlife, beautify your green roof, and add a special touch for customization.  The list specifies plant height, bloom months, sun exposure, and module depths the plants are best grown in.

If you have any questions or are interested in having your very own LiveRoof®, please contact us.