RoofEdge® Aluminum Edge Restraint


Made in North America LiveRoof® RoofEdge® is specially designed to complement the four available sizes of the LiveRoof® System. It is extruded, fabricated and finished in the United States using the highest quality materials and standards.

The ALL NEW LiveRoof® RoofEdge® product line represents second generation green roof edging. The improved RoofEdge® line is the result of lessons learned during our first 1,000+ installations, and collectively represents a new standard for function, aesthetics and integration.

RoofEdge® was designed to be architecturally “pleasing to the eye,” but also with the contractor in mind. Economical and easy to install, the quality of the materials and finishes—whether natural aluminum or bronze or black anodized—are better than ever.

Download the RoofEdge® by LiveRoof® Flyer.

RoofEdge® offers RoofEdge® corners which save time and money, and are far more precise than field-bent corners. An all-aluminum RoofEdge® drain box is also offered, which can help mitigate water log during extreme rain events and is guaranteed to never rust.

RoofStone® Integrated Pavers

In response to designer demand for an artisan quality green roof paver which integrates with LiveRoof®, and contractor necessity for labor-saving solutions, LiveRoof® developed the RoofStone® paver system.

RoofStone® pavers are designed to integrate seamless with the LiveRoof® Standard and Deep system options.

  • Size: 1′ wide x 2′ long x 4″ tall (Standard) or 6″ tall (Deep)
  • Weight: 50 lbs (Standard) or 54 lbs (Deep)
  • Finish: Beautiful artisan surface, top edge chamfered, sides with chip preventing water-conducting standoffs.
  • Edging: Only required if paver abuts open space.
  • LEED Interface: Base of 100% post-industrial polypropylene. Concrete recycled content varies with color of paver.

  • Integrates with weight, height and dimensions of LiveRoof® Standard & Deep modules.
  • Built-in handgrips and pedestals for fast, efficient installation.
  • No edging needed between RoofStone® paver and LiveRoof®.
  • Follows roof contour.
  • Suitable for pathways / landings and patios.
  • Recycled plastic base.
  • Strong & effective, resists impact and cracking with NanoTech MicroBubble™ technology.
  • Ample water channels

The LiveRoof Integrated RoofBlue® Riser is engineered to provide temporary water detention underneath LiveRoof systems.  When used with control flow drains, RoofBlue expands the usefulness of a green roof system as a stormwater management tool:

  • Reduces burden on stormwater systems (may allow for reduced sized drains).
  • Could reduce or eliminate the need for cisterns, underground storage tanks, detention ponds, etc.
  • May reduce stormwater utility charges or qualify for zoning incentives.
  • May allow for overall reduced project cost by combining retention of a green roof and blue roof in a smaller area to meet minimum local stormwater management requirements.

The WindDisc is a simple way to secure LiveRoof modules together to improve wind uplift resistance.  The WindDisc technology allows for any size LiveRoof modules or RoofStone pavers to connect together across a green roof installation.  Please contact us for more information.

If you have any questions or are interested in having your very own LiveRoof®, please contact us.